Stochastic Labs Fractal Art Workshop

I (Thomas Ludwig / lycium) got invited to Stochastic Labs in Berkeley, California for half of the summer to work on 3D fractal rendering technology, during which they graciously agreed to host an impromptu fractal art meetup! A good time was had by all, and we've tried to keep as much of the data produced as possible.


Fractal artists & programmers: Guests:

An archive of Apophysis and Chaotica fractal parameters produced during the event can be downloaded here.

A photo album can be found here, although unfortunately not many pictures were taken during the event.

Two presentations were made for the event, a final presentation and a history of flam3 by Erik Reckase (co-author of flam3).

Big thanks to Stochastic for hosting this amazing event! Hopefully there will be more such meetups in the fractal scene in the future.