Chaotica 1.5.5 now available

After a long holiday pause (belated happy new year everyone!) and period of focusing on Indigo Renderer, it's finally time to officially release Chaotica version 1.5.5. It has been available on the Mac App Store for some time already, where usually the version on our website is a little ahead.

The changes in this version are relatively minor but still quite important (e.g. confirmation dialog before exiting), and the improved animation playback performance is hopefully useful for everyone.

Future versions will include more usability improvements and possibly the first public release of the experimental Leap Motion extensions developed last year but never quite finished for release... there has been some silent work on major new features earlier this year, such as GPU rendering and a mystery feature that will surely revolutionise the Chaotica experience :)

The Forum is working normally again, please feel free to use it for discussing any problems you might encounter:

Changelog since 1.5.3:

* Updates for Mac App Store

* Improved threading, should fix any hangs and improve CPU utilisation during animation playback
* Parameter browser window remembers its size and position
* Added confirmation dialog when closing while rendering
* Added mirror_x and mirror_y transforms