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Include both Stopping SL and a new "Stopping Time" feature.
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Author:  imminiman [ Mon Apr 26, 2021 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Include both Stopping SL and a new "Stopping Time" feature.

Sometimes when the efficiency varies a lot in an animation, having a Stopping Time value instead of a Stopping SL value is better.

I had to manually save each of ~120 frames after they reached the 4 minutes mark. Even if I used a Stopping SL value of 1, it would take months or years. After those ~120 frames came ~180 more with better efficiency that could be rendered in less than 5 minutes with a stopping SL of value 8.

The efficiency went up from 0 to 19.7 little by little, frame by frame, so essentially, the Stopping SL needed to be changed with each frame if I wanted to use it, and I would have needed to guess the Stopping SL with each step too. Manually sacing each frame after 4 minutes worked like a charm, in contrast.

If you need a concrete example I can send the file, but I believe the description I gave here is enough to see why it would be beneficial.

Thank you.

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