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Rendering issues - Image/Resolution/Memory handling
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Author:  technochroma [ Sat Jun 13, 2020 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Rendering issues - Image/Resolution/Memory handling

Hi Nick,

Did something change regarding how the image is stored in memory between version 1.5.8 and Chaotica 2 Beta? On higher res renders like I need for prints for the art gallery I belong to, I am getting a memory issue popup mid render, and after that, a different popup when I try to change resolution. Please see attached for screenshots of recreated issues.
Rendering [1.04 MiB]
Downloaded 399 times
1 Main Errors directory is for the issues I am running into, where 2 Side Issues directory is for errors I also encountered while trying to recreate the issues that may or may not be related.

I got the impression for 1.5.8 that when you started a render, the engine or whatnot calculated everything it needed right there and didn't exceed much, whereas Chaotica Beta gets those memory errors. This seems more specific to when I am rendering on GPU on AA greater than 1 but I wonder if this error case can also be repeated for CPU renders, again depending on how the memory is handled.

Can this be fixed? Is it expected to ever encounter the same on CPU? I feel that those who use Chaotica's superior rendering engine for prints will all benefit if this is fixed.

All The Best,

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